Mens Hair & Colour 

All our senior stylists are fully trained in gents styling.  Ensuring each Gent will recieve an individually tailored consultation, shampoo, condition, creative cut and finish. A new haircut is a great way to alter your current image and freshen up your personal style. During your consultation, we carefully consider factors such as hair texture, hair condition, lifestyle and hair line to ensure we deliver outstanding results using male grooming products.

Mens Hair Colour

Hair colour is just as popular in men’s grooming today, and will enhance your good looks. If you are interested in hair colour then book in for a consultation with one of our friendly team for advice on colouring your hair to suit your skin tone and hair type.

Natural grey blending - Quickly and discreetly blends grey to be less noticeable. Hair appears thicker and fuller with results lasting from cut to cut,

Colour contrasting - Customized just for you, natural looking results that add structure, texture and definition to your hair cut,